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What about abdl content


A bit of a shame, I'm unsure if this game was ever updated or if it ever will be. I'd wish you'd open a Patreon or something of the sorts so there was more incentive to push this game forward. Let us know if you even start working on another game!

Is the game not able to run on windows 32 bits?


Hey i right now i didnt play rhe game but seeing sreanshots i already can say this is good game.

But when i download i get only zip so i want to ask its normal or i need download somthing else (i can do all myself but other people can be interest your answer(sorry about gramar))

unzip the zip file

Is the maze broken? I can't seem to get past the phasers beams despite going to the book on the 3rd level


is there a way for the MC to be pure bottom? there are many enemies that i want to bottom for, like the androind and naga warrior


Yo, you said you needed music, if ever ya need a violin, I'm here, loved the game

Wonderful game! I'm a bit stuck though. I can't beat the monster for Xin's quest, nor Redrick in his lava cave. They both trample my party of 3 like they're nothing. What level should I be, or is there a specific method of fighting both?

Buffs are a big deal in this game, you gotta make sure to use them, I think I've had a pop up saying they are important, though it might have not played out if you have tutorial stuff disabled.

Hello! I don't know of many other means to get in contact with the developer, but I did want to know if there was more work being put into this marvelous game. I will be waiting with baited breath!


Thanks for the kind words, it warms my heart that people are still genuinely interested in this project, yeah, I am still working on it. Just slowly because I have a real life daytime job and about 5-6 hours of sleep lol.

The progress is slow since I mostly work on it during my free time, i.e a few hours during evenings, I still post updates on the dev/unstable page whenever i can and whenever i feel like the update is decent enough to publish. You can check the dev builds here:

I do have more things in works, devlogs should have some more info on that.

Sorry that i take so long to reply and update stuff, i just hope it's understandable that my schedule isnt the best.

And thanks again, I really do appreciate communication!

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Hey! Sorry for the late response (real life is really busy recently, wew), could you kindly tell me what platform you are playing on?

If it's PC, which windows version was it 32 or 64 bit?

If it's android, which android version?

Are you using custom ROMs or custom windows builds?

If you could tell me, that would help a lot!

I had experienced an issue like this when I was playing on my older phone, but that was due to faulty hardware sadly. If it is that, then I'll probably be unable to help.

I've tried downloading the android version and it says I can't open the file


Hey, sorry about that, which archiver did you try to open it with? I use WinRar(Yes, i know, WinRar is old but, it works) And it opens fine on my end. 

What if you

Wanted to fight the protagonist

But they said


A camp full of all these beefy warriors and yet the nerdy gator has over double all their HP XD

Xin is still best boy though

no gay? you should pray

Is Redrick and Niela available in the Demo? Only have Xin, Waira, Valrak, and Sakurai on the camp right now

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Yeah, they are. Redrik is hidden in a volcano on the right side of the first location, I am sure you would be able to spot it with the red light. He is however , a boss battle. So you might want to be prepared first.

Niela has a special requirement before you could recruit her however.

Got it gonna try getting them

if this is the demo ao version... will the full version get scenes(even if just default character)?

I am not sure if i understand your question, do you mean visuals?

Yes visuals

Sadly no visuals, I am not an artist. And I'd rather there be no images than something awful and unappealing to look at. Sorry if that answer might sound disappointing, but that's the truth.


This is genuinely amazing. gets a lot of great games made by a large community, but this went the extra mile, specially for a game that isn't behind a paywall, and has such a stacked demo. 

I'd love to know how to keep up with the development of the game, and to know if there is any way for me to personally help with development! Personally, in love with the SMT style of the game, and the combat is engaging and overwhelmingly fun! 

Looking forward to the next update, and, if there's any way to support your work, do let me know!

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Thank you so much for your kind words, really any communication is a big help because i am just so anxious when it comes to publishing my work, haha. Thanks again, i really appreciate it.

As for the developement, a lot of stuff will be posted on the developer page that is linked on the project's page. Thats where I am usually going to post updates and other info.